1) What do I need to watch a TECHCAST live streaming?

A Flash plug-in is not required on your PC or Mac to play live events in your browser. The live stream is transferred with an HTML5 player, which works in all current browsers.

2) Is my Internet connection fast enough to run a TECHCAST live streaming?

For a live streaming you need a download bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbits per second; for HD streaming at least 2.5 Mbits. If you click the following link, your bandwidth is automatically tested and displayed in the form of a bar. If the displayed bar is green, you can easily participate in a TECHCAST live streaming.

Ihre Bandbreite:
Benötigte Bandbreite: 1.5 MBit/s

3) What happens if the presentation slides are not displayed in my browser?

JavaScript must be enabled in the browser to display the slides. This is the case with most browsers by default. Please check your browser settings to ensure that JavaScript has been ensabled.

4) How can I check for sound?

We've provided you with a video here to help you test whether the sound on your PC, laptop or tablet is working properly.